National Geographics Kids

Tags: Technology, Learning the Land

Experiments, quizzes, games, articles on various topics related to the environment and the world.


Tags: Technology, Games

Online manipulatives to support learning in Math

Games from the Aboriginal People of North America

Tags: Technology, Activity, Learning the Land

First Nation Games that incorporate numeracy skills


Tags: Technology

Activities to support fundamental numeracy skills.


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Activities you can do at home to boost students’ literacy and numeracy skills.

Scholastic Education

Tags: Technology, Reading

Activities, online books and resources.

Imagineering in a Box – Khan Academy & Disney

Tags: Technology, STEM, Careers

Khan Academy & Disney teamed up to create a project that introduces students to what it takes to create a theme park.


Tags: Technology, Coding, STEM

Technology – AR/VR to support all subject areas and projects

Tags: Technology, Coding, STEM

Learn to code through fun, interactive projects