School Kickoff 2019

The 2019 TEA School Kickoff will be held at the Delta Hotel in Regina, SK on August 30th. Empowering Nation Builders is the theme of this year’s kickoff – everyone has a superpower -what’s yours? What are your students? Join us to unleash your potential!

Empowering Nation Builders

What’s Your Superpower?

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Presenter: Brian Standingready

Former chief of White Bear First Nation, Brian Standingready, sought a better education for his nation’s students. He was instrumental in a grassroots movement to start a school on White Bear First Nation. Join Brian as he speaks about Inherent and Treaty based rights to education and what it means to you as an educator.

PowerPoint to come.

Presenter: Megan Strong

This session will focus on different strategies, ideas and resources to allow early and middle years teachers to create learning spacing for those ‘always moving’ students. Teachers will leave the session with flexible seating options and ideas to regulate the students in their classroom.


Presenter: Scott Fulton

Highlighting the Community Mapping Projects and how you can continue the project within your Nations. Each school received a kit with tools to undertake this project – trail cams, iPads, water and soil testing kits, scat and track identification tools, etc. How can you put these tools to use in your classroom?


Presenter: Huu Pham

Huu Pham will lead this session on Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams brings everyone together in a shared work space where you can chat, meet, share files, and work with business apps. Microsoft Teams allows teacher to distribute, provide feedback and grade student assignments turned-in via Teams using the Assignment Tab.


Presenter: Sheena Koops

Youth Leadership is growing within each Treaty 4 Education Alliance community. Join Sheena Koops, Nation Builder Advocate, as she shares opportunities and possibilities for the 2019-2020 school year including leadership training, public speaking, youth data response, youth forum, career development, and youth leadership circles in each school.


Presenter: Deni Miclea

Make learning math engaging with card games. This session is geared toward the early years to the upper middle years and will introduce games students can play to enforce fundamental skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. These games introduce a fun and multi-sensory approach to learning that gives students a break from worksheets.


Presenter: Agriculture in the Classroom

Join the Little Green Sprouts program hosted by Agriculture in the Classroom! Attendees of this session will receive equipment and materials to grow microgreens right in the classroom. Topics covered will include garden set-up, growing techniques, trouble shooting and activities to integrate the garden into your teaching plan. Our inquiry-based, cross-curricular approach opens the door for lessons on food literacy, environmental stewardship, social and emotional well being and STEM outcomes. Are you ready to grow? *This session is 90 minutes*

Presenter: Brent Endicott

This session will introduce educators to resources such as lab kits available to schools/classes enrolled in T4EA’s Online Science 10 course. Participants will explore an environmental, water related issue, and make connections to various curriculum outcomes.


Presenter: Megaen Reader

In this session, kindergarten to grade 5 teachers will be introduced to a selection of apps they can use in their classroom. These apps will address various topics including classroom management, literacy, numeracy, etc. Teachers will leave this session with the ability to use these apps in their classroom right away!


Session Notes

Parent Engagement

Choosing an app guidelines

Presenters: Sarah Ballard, Sheena Koops

Join Sarah Ballard, Literacy Facilitator, and Sheena Koops, Nation Builder Advocate, as they unpack the concept of “writing conferences” which can be used in all levels of English Language Arts as well as cross-curricularly. By using the metaphor of the “Writing Workshop”, writing process may include pre-writing, drafting, revision, editing, and publication. A “writing conference” can bring insight to the writer, his or her peers, and the teacher at any stage in the writing process.


Presenter: Chris Chick

Micro:bits allows for teaching students about programming in a visual space without prior knowledge of programming. We will focus our session on learning the basics of using the online coding editor and pushing code out to the Micro:bits. After this session you will be able to show your students how to code with the online editor without having to write any code, but also show them how the coding blocks translate into an actual programming language (JavaScript).


Presenter: Sheena Koops

If you’re curious to know what T4EA Online School has to offer your high school ELA classroom, and if you’re curious to know how your ELA students and you can contribute to these online English courses, then this session is for you. Together we can unpack communication skills, strategies, lessons and knowledge that make sense in the context of our students’ lives and landscapes.


Presenter: Jolissa Simon

Ever wonder what exactly goes on in your brain during and after a traumatic event? Ever wonder how it impacts learning and behaviour across the lifespan? Want to know what to do about that? Well this is the session for you!


Presenter: Holly Yuzicappi

Participants will gain an understanding of how games were a part of the traditional way of life from early learning to adulthood. They will have the opportunity to play games from some of the different developmental stages to fully experience this element of culture.

Presenter: Pearson Saskatchewan
The session will showcase a digital walk through of the Pearson Saskatchewan Resources Portal and Pearson eTexts for teachers and students in grades 3-9. If student engagement, achievement and covering the curriculum is important to you (and your students), please
join me for an engaging and interactive session. We will do a scavenger hunt (through the digital resources) for prizes. Please BYOD – bring your own device (IPad, tablet or pc). 

This session will provide information on the current gang situation in our province. They will provide classroom teachers with signs to look for indicating gang involvement/activity and resources for dealing with gang activity within your communities.