Community Engagement

Your Voice Matters! Together, we are advancing our Inherent and Treaty Rights to Education. Your participation creates a brighter future for our children.

The Community Engagement Technical team along with our Elders Advisory Council work to plan and organize all community engagement sessions in our member Nations. Distinct engagement sessions were held with focus on different stakeholder groups: the Elders, Students and Staff.

Upcoming Community Engagement Sessions

Treaty Education Alliance offers exciting in-person Community Engagement Sessions. These sessions are designed to the specific needs of the community, including ceremonies, prayer, feast, sweat, Elder participation, and more.

Cote First Nation
March 11, 2024




Learning From Our Elders

Our people have rich histories that we should be proud of. Those histories are not being taught in a way that respects our cultures, languages and beliefs. But we can change that. We can be confident in who we are as people and begin to work towards healthier communities and individuals.”

– Senator Brian Standingready
White Bear First Nations

Learn more here: “Coming Home – A Conversation With Brian Standingready

Engaging With Our Youth

Every reserve should have a school so people know where they come from, their inherent rights and their language.

In the system we have now, mental health is not being addressed. Depression, anxiety, stress and trauma are not being addressed because of funding. My generation are dealing with addictions issues to try to make the pain go away. I want more opportunities on reserves for students because opportunities help people make choices and not fall into bad habits.

My name is Tashina and I am a Nation Builder.

– Tashina Worm, Kawacatoose First Nation

“It takes a lot for us to get our stories out. Silent ones want to be heard, and hurt ones want to be healed.

We don’t know what lies ahead. Obstacles will get in front of us. Everyone has a dark background story to tell. They keep it to themselves.

Many people have gifts, but they don’t fully know how to use them. There’s still hope for everyone.

Everyday, us as Nation Builders, go through obstacles that stand in our way. Some of us feel lonely, lost and confused.

Most people are living in the past and not in the future. Everybody makes mistakes. Once you connect all those mistakes it’ll turn into a great life lesson.

My name is Tomas and I am a Nation Builder.”

– Tomas, White Bear First Nations

Question 1

What is important to you in implementing an Inherent and Treaty Rights-Based education model?

Question 2

What issues are affecting learning in your community?

Question 3

What are some things that can be done to improve the quality of education in your community?

Question 4

What are some methods we can use in our communities and schools to teach and preserve Indigenous languages?

Question 5

What would it look like if our children’s education was decolonized and best reflected our cultures?

Question 6

If you have significant funds to spend over 1 year on your community’s school, and it is up to you alone to decide what to spend it on, what would you spend it on?

Question 7

If you have significant funds to spend over 10 years on your community’s school, and it is up to you alone to decide what to spend it on, what would you spend it on?