TEA at Treaty 4 Gathering Click for schedules, activities and more! Announcement Treaty Education Alliance has hired a new Executive Director Our Vision Serving and supporting each of the member First Nations in advancing our Inherent and Treaty Rights to Education Our Mission An Indigenous education system based in Inherent and Treaty Rights. Confident leaders building strengthened Nations. Nation Builders Developing Nation Builders through education. Fostering confident leaders and a brighter future for indigenous communities across Canada.

Nation Builder Activities

Learning at Home - Nation Builder Activities

We know it is a trying time right now. The team at Treaty Education Alliance continues to work to support the educational needs of your children. With the support of our alliance schools, we want to provide you with resources to help keep your children on their educational path.

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Lifelong Learning Portal

A comprehensive collection of lessons designed for Indigenous communities across Canada. The Lifelong Learning Portal offers educational experiences exploring the history, traditions, customs and ceremonies of our ancestors.

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