Balanced Literacy

Treaty Education Alliance believes in using a Balanced Model for literacy instruction. Through a variety of teaching strategies, strong relationships, welcoming environments, and student engagement, our aim is to create Nation Builders who are able to communicate effectively in their daily lives.

Beginning Early and Developing Strong is a trademark sight word program created by TEA that encourages the teaching of sight words from the first day of pre-kindergarten. Engaging activities and sight word rings make learning meaningful and fun.

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Children’s Early Reading and Phonetic Sounds is a TEA created program that promotes the learning of phonemes through sound, speech, and combined instruction with letter knowledge. In the early stages of reading, a strong foundation is important.


The Early Years Assessment is a tool that helps children, families and schools transition from home to school in the first years of school. It provides information about awareness of self and environment, social skills and approaches to learning, language/communication and physical development. This information gathered helps teachers design instruction and support strategies that can be tailored for each individual student