TEA Offering Remote Therapy Services for Alliance Schools

The last two years have been hard on all of us. Lockdowns, time away from friends, family, school, and  ‘the new normal’ can be difficult to deal with.

But we’re here to help in any way that we can.

Treaty Education Alliance, led by Mental Health Therapist Kristen Tootoosis, is proud to offer remote therapy services to all Alliance schools, free of charge. Students and staff at the following schools are eligible:

  • Asiniw – Kisik Education Campus
  • Chief Gabriel Cote Education Complex
  • White Bear Education Complex
  • Pheasant Rump School

If you’re struggling (or just feeling a bit off) and would like to chat, please contact Kristen at ktootoosis@educationalliance.ca.

For more information on services provided, please see below.

Individual Therapy Services for Students Through Online Sessions and/or Telephone

Grief, anxiety, depression, family violence, self-harm, trauma, intergenerational trauma, suicide prevention strategies, and supporting students as they navigate through various challenges of COVID-19.

Online Services for Whole Class Experience

The healing path and understanding how to overcome trauma, self-harm, unresolved grief, anxiety, addictions, intergenerational trauma, depression and behaviours which stem from trauma.

Online Services for Professional Development for Teaching Staff

Trauma informed teaching practice, decolonizing education, engaging children & youth in the classroom when students have experienced adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), creating a comfortable atmosphere for students who have experienced trauma, supporting students in crisis, supporting educators as they navigate through the various challenges of teaching during Covid-19.

Services will be adapted to the specific requests and needs of the school and community.

Kristen Tootoosis

Kristen Tootoosis

Mental Health Therapist