Student Engagement

Guiding Circles

Guiding Circles uses innovative strategies such as story telling in the self-assessment approach to help your clients make positive self-reflections to discover how their talents and personal attributes will help them in school and the workplace.

The program involves the community in the assessment and career decision making process. Through the eyes of the people your client trusts, they will gain added insight into their gifts, goals and personal attributes to help them identify or accelerate their journey toward a rewarding career. The community members may also help to identify challenges and areas of support.

Guiding Circles provides a unique perspective on the essence of career and life decision making elements. Often individuals make career choices based on duties, level of pay, a career/training path, travel, or location to determine if their skills and interests match the career they are researching. Guiding Circles help your clients identify these elements but also broadens the approach through the use of a ‘Career Circle’ that incorporates personal style/spirit, life balance, values and work and life roles (i.e., how does my family or community role fit with my career option?).