TEA Welcomes Kristen Tootoosis

Treaty Education Alliance would like to welcome Mental Health Therapist-Kristen Tootoosis, B.Ed., M.Ed., CCC., CCPA., to our team.

Kristen has broad experience as a psychotherapist, therapeutic program manager, educator/teacher, and post-secondary instructor. Kristen has experience in offering therapy and support services to front line workers, managing programs in various areas including traditional motherhood, youth support groups, and addictions.

Kristen is from the Standing Buffalo Dakota Nation. She has devoted her career to working Indigenous Peoples of all ages in the area of psychotherapy clinical experience combined educational experiences and Indigenous knowledge. Kristen has worked with various First Nations communities focusing on educational therapeutic supports for students, families, and schools.

Kristen is also an instructor with the Think Indigenous Trauma Response Curriculum Co-Development Team and an Ed Psych instructor at the First Nations University of Canada. Kristen holds a Bachelor of Education (Indigenous Education), and a Masters in Educational Psychology, through the University of Regina.