Treaty Education Opens Professional Development Sessions for All

If your school is in need of professional development sessions through the school year and through the summer, Treaty Education Alliance’s Whole Child Wellness Team can bring any of the following sessions to your schools:

1. Instructional Leadership
2. Lateral Kindness
3. Conflict Resolution
4. Trauma Informed Practice in Education Part 1
5. Trauma Informed Practice in Education Part 2
6. Creating a Trauma Informed Space
7. Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)
8. EA Training- Effective and Best Practices for Educational Assistants
9. Using a Strength Based Approach in Education – Circle of Courage
10. Restorative Practices in Education
11. Effective and Best Practices for Therapists in a School Setting
12. Ribbon Skirt Making and womanhood teachings
13. Self-Regulation
14. Trigger Induced Behaviours

The TEA Whole Child Wellness Team consists of Faith Watson, Kristen Tootoosis, and Lisa Ewack. Please contact us to arrange any of the PD sessions we have to offer at 306-332-2626 or through our general email address at