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Therapy Through Art for Anxiety

In the psychology community, therapy through art continues to gain traction for outstanding results and benefits, all backed by valid and reliable research. In Indigenous communities, it has always been known that art, in several unique forms, can be a way of healing. To top it off, some exercises are so simple they don’t require […]

Psychological First Aid For Schools: Listen, Connect & Protect Model

The American Psychiatric Association acknowledged in 1954 that there is a need to intervene when individuals experience stress caused by environmental reasons. Today, research supports the idea that immediate, concise, and focused intervention can decrease the social and emotional distress after a traumatic event. This is done by inaugurating the feelings of physical and emotional […]

Battling the Mental Health Curve: A Preventative Approach

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that the 3rd leading cause of disease burden worldwide was depression and that depression was predicted to become the leading cause by 2030. In Canada, the chances of having a mental illness or a substance use disorder in your lifetime is 1 in 3 […]

Teachings Feelings Using Disney’s Pixar Film Inside Out

Homeschooling can be tough. Especially when children are missing their friends and are having a hard time understanding what is happening. Emotions can and will start to run at an all time high. So what can we do? A strategy to assist children with expressing themselves is teaching them metacognition. Metacognition is a fancy word […]

Helping Students With Special Needs During COVID19

COVID-19 is challenging the way that all students obtain and receive their education.

COVID19 & Anxiety

These are unprecedented times. A lot of us are isolated, have not been able to see family, and are struggling with job loss. Some of us are trying to work from home while raising children and trying to homeschool for the first time our lives. Some of us are children or teenagers trying to adjust […]