Information & Communications Technology

  1. TEA ICT Services are the boots on the ground and the hands in the cloud. We focus ourselves on “Nation Building”, providing simple to use services and a continuous improvement attitude that creates a solid foundation in which member communities can use technology to learn. Our ICT team is made up of talented, trained and local professionals with an ability to listen to and understand the ICT needs of each schools.
  2. TEA ICT Services believes that relationships and people are what makes a difference providing a unique service experience to our member schools. We value our communities and appreciate the unique ICT needs that arise while providing ICT services on reserve.
  3. TEA ICT Services is a fundamental link to succeeding at achieving the objectives of your school and the vision and mission of the Treaty Education Alliance. Those who choose to use our services are backed by an organization that is a leader in the region for ICT and Education Services.
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