Core Programs & Services

Early Learning (PK – Grade 3)

  • Using research to build the strongest foundation for early learners to being their formal education (PK)
  • Quills TEA locally developed early numeracy program
  • Online supports and resources

Nation Builder Engagement (Grades 4-12)

  • Building capacity for schools to utilize data, student feedback, and research to understand what drives disengagement
  • Continued support for foundational literacy and numeracy growth, integrated learning (inquiry, projects, career guidance)
  • TEA’s Learning the Land Model (Inherent and Treaty Rights, Language, Culture, Outdoor Education/Land-based learning)
  • TEA’s Online School and Digital Literacy

Whole Child Wellness

  • Addressing immediate Special Education needs, including liaison with ISC, supporting Principals and LRTs
  • Supporting schools and the Alliance with Jordan’s Principle
  • TEA model development for special/unique needs (for the new education model)