Community Engagement & Cultural Advocacy

Each of the nations supported by Treaty Education Alliance has its own story; the land and its people have many unique gifts to offer. TEA recognizes the individual Nations’ strengths and works to engage communities in all they do. Through community meetings, invitations to participate in planning and goal setting events, and our CLAN program, we actively involve the First Nations members to liberate education. Our goal is “Treaty Nation Builders”, is further defined by each Nation. Helping each student to understand who they are and where they come from is an important part of this process.

Cultural Advocacy – defining education for each First Nation. Helping to implement local knowledge, culture and ways of knowing into the classroom in meaningful, engaging ways.

  • TEA approach to “Indigenization”, create local relevance, prioritize community knowledge keepers to reframe and adapt provincial curriculum outcomes to better reflect local needs and priorities.
  • Where there are gaps in learning outcomes, create new ones that support all children and youth in knowing “Who They Are, and Where They Come From”​.