Nation Builder Activities

A Note to Parents & Caregivers

Dear Parents & Caregivers,

We know it is a trying time right now. The team at Treaty Education Alliance continues to work to support the educational needs of your children. With the support of our alliance schools, we want to provide you with resources to help keep your children on their educational path.

Our commitments to you and your children:

  • We will support the TEA schools in developing and delivering resources your children can access and use at home
  • We will develop and share our own resources/activities your students can use
  • High School students can continue with their online classes through TEA’s Online School
  • We will support TEA teachers and students who wish to utilize the online school to access and deliver classes

We look forward to seeing how your children are keeping busy and learning! If you have ideas or thoughts on other ways we can support your children at this time, please let us know:

Stay tuned – we have more resources, supports and games planned. Thank you for all you do.

Keep safe and happy at home!