The Eagle and the Crow

A story of peace, friendship and respect, as told by Vern Severight (Cote First Nation) on July 6, 2020

– Photo credit Phoo Chan / Media Drum World


As I was driving to my home community to attend a ceremony, I approached a beautiful valley. I was driving East, and looked out the window to the South.

There, I saw an Eagle soaring through the air to the North. It was an amazing, majestic creature. As I watched it continue to hover in the blue sky, I began to notice another, smaller bird flying on the Eagle’s right wing.

It was a Crow.

I thought to myself, ‘Oh boy. This Crow will be taught a lesson here pretty quickly, not to be bothering that Eagle.’

I continued to glance back towards the highway, but I knew I was witnessing something I had never seen before in my life – a Crow and an Eagle flying together.

Still, I waited for the Eagle to fight the Crow. They were not a natural pair.

But they flew on, right in my direction – and eventually over my truck. I was able to look up, and at that moment, saw the Eagle and the Crow were friends.

How they made this friendship, I do not know. But the immediate message I got from that viewing was, no matter who we fly with, our friendships will carry us through.

We will survive together. We will thrive together. We can have a good life together, if we only act in this way that was shown to us by the Creator.

The Eagle and the Crow is a symbol of peace and friendship – to help us all carry on in a respectful way.


Vern Severight
Cote First Nation